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Main Products

Cost Effective & Innovative Solutions

The fully integrated operation at CVIC is supported by two manufacturing centres in Tangshan City, China and our research centre in Vancouver, Canada. CVIC’s large manufacturing capacity is one of our advantages over competitors. 


CVIC's manufacturing focuses on the production of all key components critical to technology and quality. Suppliers are subjected to regular quality checks and on-time performance monitoring. Therefore, we are confident that the solutions offered to customers are to be the very latest technology while still maintaining a competitive cost structure.

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​Iron Ore Pelletizing Screening Equipment

The size distribution of iron ore pellets is one of the most crucial factors for the quality of pellets. CVIC offers innovative solutions for the screening equipment. 

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Iron Ore Pelletizing Handling Equipment

​A network of belt conveyors carries the pellets going through different stages of the iron ore pelletizing process. The reliability of these equipment is important. 

Iron Ore Pelletizing Disc Equipment

The balling equipment that can be either a disc or a drum produces green pellets in a tight window of particle size distribution. 

Iron Ore Pelletizing Induration Equipment

In the indurating zone, pellets are brought up to final indurating temps. Hot gas recycled from the cooling zone is further heated up to 1200-1340 °C through a set of burners.

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