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Disc Feeder


Disc feeders, also known as disk feeders, are volumetric feeding devices widely used in pelletizing plants, sintering plants, and other industries. The disc feeder is mainly composed of the driving device, machine frame, disk device, motor, etc. The driving device drives the disc to rotate evenly through the gear. Materials are fed onto the disc, which rotates together with the disc, and then the striker plate scrapes the material out to achieve uniform feeding.

Design Features

In the disc feeder, the tubes are designed to be short so that the material cannot be blocked easily so that solidification after long-term storage does not lead to uneven discharge.


With this equipment, the material layer can be adjusted using the regulating gate, which provides a wide range of adjustment options and makes it convenient to set the amount of material to be fed.


This disc feeder is supported by a large diameter structure with a large bearing capacity. It can withstand the pressure of the ore through more than 15 meters for a long time, with expected service life exceeding ten years.


The transmission device is designed with a unique sealing structure to ensure no external contaminant enters.


Its transmission structure is highly reliable and has a long service life. The hardened face gear produces exceptionally high transmission efficiency, reaching 95%.


Gearboxes, slewing bearings, pinions, and other main transmission mechanisms are lubricated with high quality and viscosity medium-load gear oil to ensure fault-free operation.

Our Special Features 

Quality Control CVIC

High Durability & Dependability: Excellent quality, maintaining a long life cycle 

Manufacturing CVIC

Heavy Duty Nature: Customized to work in a dusty, sticky and abrasive environment

Digital Manufacturing CVIC

Innovative Solutions: Cutting-edge technology with a safe and quick inspection & maintenance design

Sales Engineering CVIC

Improved Performance: Better pellet quality and minimized pellet deformation and breakage 

Product Pictures

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CVIC has been serving the iron ore pelletizing industry for more than 40 years; more than 3000 sets of pelletization equipment have been successfully delivered to our customers all over the world. For the complete reference list for different products, please don't hesitate to get in touch with

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Our engineering team can assist with all your needs. Learn more about CVIC's tailored iron ore pelletizing equipment


Service & Support

At CVIC, not only do we warranty every product we develop, but we assure that our after sale service and support is #1

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