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Innovative Solutions 

About CVIC Group

Established in 1982, CVIC Group is a leading manufacturing and trading enterprise specializing in R&D, manufacturing, and sales of iron ore pelletizing and sintering plant equipment and industrial ceramics. Its manufacturing Centre is located in Tangshan, in the province of Hebei, China, which is the largest steel-producing city and one of the most important heavy industrial cities in the world. The international office is located in Vancouver, Canada. 

Tangshan CVIC Machinery Manufacturing Ltd. 

Specializing in R&D, manufacturing, and sales of iron ore pelletizing and sintering plant equipment as well as steel manufacturing equipment. 

Tangshan CVIC Industrial Ceramics Ltd. 

Focusing on R&D, manufacturing, and sales of fire bricks, physical & chemical ceramics, fused silica products, abrasion resistant ceramics, special shaped ceramics, which can be used in iron ore pelletizing industry and many other primary industries.  

CVIC Inc. (Canada)

Specializing in R&D, international marketing, and sales of iron ore processing equipment designed and manufactured by CVIC and many other world-leading technology strategic partners in North America. 

Key Facts and History


Year Established


Projects Completed


Equipment Delivered


Awards Won

Since its establishment in 1982, CVIC has been a leading supplier for the iron ore pelletizing industry. CVIC began as a supplier for pelletizing roller screen spare parts. Later, we started to design and manufacture our own roller screens. CVIC has witnessed the entire development process of the iron ore pelletizing industry - from the shaft furnace pelletizing system to Grate-Kiln (Rotary Kiln) pelletizing system then now Straight Grate (Travelling Grate) Pelletizing System. Today, customers can find our equipment in nearly every shaft furnace pelletizing plant in China. 

      CVIC has participated in all major straight grate pelletizing projects in China since the first oxidized pellet production line was introduced in China in 2009, including Shougang Jingtang 4 million t/a straight grate project in Hebei Province, China, which was the largest straight grate pelletizing plant in China at that time. For recent straight grate projects, CVIC has supplied its equipment to Baogang Group in 2015 (4 million t/a), Shougang Jingtang in 2018 (2X4 million t/a), HBIS Group in 2018 (2X4.8 million t/a), Ma Steel in 2020 (4 million t/a) and ArcelorMittal Ukraine (5 million t/a) among others. 


      More than 30 Grate-kiln Pelletizing plants in China and across the globe have adopted our equipment into their production lines. 

      To date, CVIC has delivered equipment to over 150 shaft furnace pelletizing plants in China.

Commitments & Values

Our strategy is designed to maintain our position as China’s leading iron ore processing equipment company for the long-term, enabling us to deliver value to shareholders and all stakeholders through the cycle in a rapidly changing world, where machinery equipment demand will continue to rise but an increasingly eco-friendly and innovative economy will be required.

We are committed to becoming the world's leading equipment supplier for iron ore processing industry. Our commitment to health, safety, environment, quality and innovation is fundamental to how we do business.

Since the inception of our company, we have been driven by craftsman's spirits, entrepreneurial spirits and passions for excellence. We reward grit, innovation and perceives opportunities in challenges. Never content to stand still, we are on a journey that aims to push the boundaries of possibility in our industry.

We are aimed to align all of our activity against three values: quality, integrity, sustainability. Each of these values stands on a foundation of health and safety. 

Research & Development

At CVIC, we believe the one of the most crucial ways to bring sustainability into our future is by constantly reinventing ourselves. "Innovative solutions" is our slogan. CVIC owns a number of key patents in our field. Led by our global research and development (R&D) teams, we continually look for technological advances to support building new equipment and improving manufacturing processes. 

Each year, we reinvest at least 3% of our revenues into research and development activities. 

Global Market

CVIC’s expertise in the iron ore pelletizing industry has allowed us to collaborate with EPC companies and our strategic partners to participate in many different projects internationally. Our equipment is currently being utilized in projects across the world, in countries such as India, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Brazil, etc.

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