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Our Mission & Values

We aim to align all our activities with four core values: innovation, quality, integrity, and sustainability.  Each of these values is firmly rooted in a commitment to employees' benefits, health and safety.


We strive to create solutions that help the advent of a carbon-free economy.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to develop innovative solutions that promote the sustainable use of natural resources, ensuring both effectiveness and environmental responsibility.

Inside CVIC Factory

Our strategy aims to solidify our position as the leading supplier of iron ore pellet screening and material handing equipment for the long haul. In a swiftly evolving world, where machinery equipment demand continues to climb, we strive to deliver unmatched value to shareholders and all stakeholders throughout the cycle. This world increasingly calls for an eco-friendly and innovative approach.

We're dedicated to establishing ourselves as the global frontrunner in the iron ore processing equipment industry. At CVIC, the manner in which we conduct our daily operations is as pivotal as the results we produce. Our unwavering commitment to innovation, health, safety, environmental considerations, quality, and innovation underpins our business ethos.

Since the beginning, our company has been fueled by the spirit of a craftsman, entrepreneurial energy, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. We celebrate tenacity, champion innovation, and thrive on turning challenges into opportunities. Constantly evolving, we are committed to redefining the limits of our industry.

Our mission is anchored in four fundamental values: innovative solutions, unwavering quality, absolute integrity, and deep-rooted sustainability. These pillars are intertwined with a steadfast dedication to benefits, health and safety, reflecting our belief that excellence is achieved not just through outstanding products and services, but also through a safe, ethical, and sustainable approach to business. This commitment guides our journey towards creating a legacy of positive impact and enduring value.

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