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Pelletizing Disc / Disc Pelletizer Solutions 

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An iron ore pelletizing disc, also known as a balling disc or pan pelletizer, is a piece of specialized equipment used in the iron ore pelletizing process. Its purpose is to convert iron ore fines into pellets, which are small, spherical clumps of iron ore. The pelletizing disc transforms the mixed material in green balls with a diameter < 25 mm. The green pellets shall have the required physical strength to survive the transport to the indurating machine without cracking or breaking and a minimum of deformation. The pelletizing discs are equipped with individual lubrication systems. The disc speed and angle are variable to compensate process fluctuations. Green pellets are discharged from the disc to a single deck roller screen. 

Here are the detailed components and operations of an iron ore pelletizing disc:




  • Rotating disc or pan: The main part of the machine is the large, circular disc or pan, typically made from a durable, abrasion-resistant material. This disc rotates, causing the iron ore fines, binder, and water mixture to tumble and agglomerate.

  • Inclination: The disc is usually tilted at an angle, generally between 40 and 60 degrees, to help with the movement of the mixture and to ensure proper pelletizing.

  • ​Lubrication System: The lubrication system for an iron ore pelletizing disc is critical for maintaining smooth, efficient operation and minimizing wear on the equipment. 

  • Motor: The disc is attached to a motor that provides the necessary rotation. The speed of this rotation affects the pelletizing process.

  • Water and binder sprayer: This system sprays the necessary water and binder onto the material in the disc to promote the agglomeration process.

  • Rim: A rim or wall around the disc prevents the pellets from leaving the disc before they reach the desired size.

  • Discharge chute: Once the pellets reach the required size, they are discharged from the disc via a chute or similar structure.


  • Feeding the materials: The disc is fed with iron ore fines, additives, and a binder. The binder could be something like bentonite or organic binders, depending on the specifics of the process.

  • Disc rotation and agglomeration: The disc's rotation causes the material to tumble and roll, promoting the binding of particles. Small agglomerates or "seeds" start to form.

  • Growth of pellets: These seeds continue to roll and tumble, gathering more material and growing in size. The binder and water ensure that these materials stick together.

  • Discharge: The formed pellets, once reaching the desired size, are carried out to the disc's edge and then discharged due to the centrifugal force of the rotating disc.


CVIC delivers tailored balling solutions to customers all over the world. Whether you are seeking for complete sets of balling solutions for the new plants, or upgrading an existing production line with new disc pelletizers, CVIC has the products and resources necessary to make your project a success. 

Popular Dimensions: Φ6m, Φ6.5m, Φ7m, Φ7.5m 

CVIC has been delivering custom pelletizing disc solutions to companies globally for over 30 years. Our decades of experience in engineering, manufacturing, and servicing material handling equipment gives us the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the best services in the industry. Our engineering team can assist with all your needs.

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Our engineering team can assist with all your needs. Learn more about CVIC's tailored iron ore pelletizing equipment


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