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Double Pendulum Flap


Double Pendulum Flaps are also called the double dump/discharge valves. Double dump valves are designed for controlled discharging of large particle size or high-temperature materials from silos, bins, or hoppers in heavy-duty applications. They are often used to discharge material from hoppers, dust collectors, and baghouses and usually, an electric motor powers their operation. They are commonly used in the iron ore pelletizing plant for the continuous dosing, blocking, and discharging of bulk materials. Its robust construction and thoughtful design elements like heat resistance, dustproofing, and easy maintenance aspects underline its critical role in the pelletizing process. Our products are commonly adopted in the indurating department in the iron ore pelletizing plant. 

Our Special Features 

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High Durability & Dependability: Excellent quality, maintaining a long life cycle 


Heavy Duty Nature: Customized to work in a dusty, sticky and abrasive environment

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Innovative Solutions: Cutting-edge technology with a safe and quick inspection & maintenance design

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Improved Performance: Better pellet quality and minimized pellet deformation and breakage 

The flaps are made from heat and wear-resistant steel plates, ensuring durability and longevity under the harsh conditions of pellet processing.


These flaps are designed for easy replacement when they become worn, emphasizing the equipment's maintainability.


The flap shafts operate in roller bearings, which are carefully sealed and mounted outside the casing for enhanced protection and reliability.


To ensure a tight seal against the casing and prevent material leakage, adjustable and repackable stuffing boxes are used

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CVIC Clients

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CVIC has been serving the iron ore pelletizing industry for more than 40 years; more than 3000 sets of pelletization equipment have been successfully delivered to our customers all over the world. For the complete reference list for different products, please don't hesitate to get in touch with

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Our engineering team can assist with all your needs. Learn more about CVIC's tailored iron ore pelletizing equipment


Service & Support

At CVIC, not only do we warranty every product we develop, but we assure that our after sale service and support is #1

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