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Iron Ore Pellet Belt Conveyor Solutions

CVIC's manufacturing focuses on the production of all key components critical to technology and quality. By combining our advanced manufacturing technology with in-depth knowledge of iron ore pellet processing phases, four decades of industry experience and a commitment to research and development, we are very confident that we can deliver the most effective iron ore screening solution for your application.

Belt conveyors are commonly found in the furnace/grate feeding phase, consisting of a belt conveyor network that transports the pellets through the various stages of the ire ore pelletizing process. In pelletizing plants, conveyors are typically used with other equipment, such as roller screens. An effective conveyor system is crucial for the iron ore pellet quality as well as pellet production. 


CVIC specializes in designing and fabricating conveyors for effectively handling iron ore pellets in pelletizing plants. As experts in understanding conveyor systems in the iron ore pelletizing industry, we offer a wide range of belt conveyor solutions designed to minimize the breakage of green pellets during the process and maintain a high level of durability with a heavy-duty nature. Most of our customized conveyor solutions can be compatible with both Grate-klin and Straight/Travelling Grate Pelletizing plants. 

CVIC delivers tailored conveyor solutions to customers all over the world. Whether seeking complete sets of conveyor solutions for the new plants or upgrading an existing production line with new conveyors, CVIC has the products and resources necessary to make your project a success. 

CVIC Conveyor Solutions 

​     Reciprocating Belt/Head Conveyor 

     Wide Belt Conveyor

     Undersize Pellet Belt Conveyor 

     Oversize Pellet Belt Conveyor

     Chain Flight Conveyor

     Shuttle Distribution Conveyor

     Swing-head Belt Conveyor 

     Other Green Pellet Belt Conveyors


CVIC Belt Conveyor

Reciprocating Belt Conveyor 


The Reciprocating Belt Conveyor is also called Reciprocating Head Conveyor, which is used for transporting and distributing uniformly green pellets from the transfer belt conveyor to the wide belt conveyor.

Reciprocal belt conveyors are constructed out of heavy-duty rigid steel, which normally includes the reciprocating carriage, slide plate, carrying idlers, take-up station, belts, and reciprocation drives. The steel construction is designed to withstand all of the accelerating forces generated by the carriage and minimize vibrations caused by the carriage. The reciprocating carriage consists of a steel frame with the discharge pulley carrying idlers and a snub pulley. In addition, the reciprocal belt conveyor consists of a control panel with a user-friendly HMI (Human Machine Interface), which could be linked to the DCS for centralized equipment control.

Reciprocating movements are performed by a hydraulic drive unit. The speed of the belt can be controlled by a frequency-controlled electrical motor in accordance with the reciprocating carriage speed by a hydraulic drive unit in connection with a speed adjustable device. The reciprocating belt conveyor is designed and built to restart under a full load.


Wide Belt Conveyor


Wide Belt Conveyors are commonly found in the iron ore pelletizing plants, which are used to collect green pellets from the reciprocating belt conveyor and to convey the pellets to the double deck roller screen/feeder or a single deck roller screen/feeder. Generally, it has a width relatively similar to the roller screen/feeder and furnace grate. The equipment is designed according to the operating conditions, such as working times, intermittency, and local requirements. 


Undersize Collecting Belt Conveyor


The purpose of the Undersize Belt Conveyor is to collect fines and undersize pellets that fall through the roller screen/feeder's gaps that failed to meet the sizing criteria. The roller's gap is normally 9 mm; any green pellets smaller than the gap fall through the gaps onto the Undersize Belt Conveyor underneath the roller screen/feeder and are recycled back to the green pelletizing area. 


The roller screen/feeder, which is located above the Undersize Belt Conveyor, can be a single, double, or even triple deck design. The Undersize Belt Conveyor is generally located underneath the lower deck if the roller screen/feeder is a double deck design. Once the fines and undersize pellets are collected, they are then conveyed back to the green pelletizing area. 



Oversize Collecting Belt Conveyor


The purpose of the Oversize Belt Conveyor is to collect oversize pellets that does not fall through the roller screen/feeder's gaps that failed to meet the sizing criteria. The roller's gap is normally 16 mm; any green pellets bigger than the gap are collected onto the Oversize Belt Conveyor and are recycled back to the green pelletizing area. 

Features of CVIC Conveyor Solutions

Quality Control CVIC

High Durability & Dependability: Excellent quality, maintaining a long life cycle 

Manufacturing CVIC

Heavy Duty Nature: Customized to work in a dusty, sticky and abrasive environment

Digital Manufacturing CVIC

Innovative Solutions: Cutting-edge technology with a safe and quick inspection & maintenance design

Sales Engineering CVIC

Improved Performance: Better pellet quality and minimized pellet deformation and breakage 

Past Project Pictures

CVIC has been serving the iron ore pelletizing industry for more than 40 years; more than 3000 sets of pelletization equipment have been successfully delivered to our customers all over the world. For the complete reference list for different products, please contact


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