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What Is Iron Ore Pellet Screening? 

Release on July 18, 2022

What Is the Iron Ore Pellet Roller Screen?


In the iron ore pelletizing industry, roller screens are commonly used for the preparation of raw materials. Roller screens are used to segregate iron ore pellets of the desired size. It is the preferred solutions for size grading that is an important element in pellet manufacturing. Typically, a roller screen consists of one section of rolls with the same gaps or several sections of rolls with different gaps between them. A roller screen can be a single deck, double deck or even triple deck. 

The iron ore pellet screening is performed by depositing the raw material stream onto a roller screen to remove undersized pellets, separate on-sized pellets or remove oversized pellets or do both at the same time by using a double deck roller screen. The pellets that are oversized or undersized are returned to the pelletizing drums or discs for reprocessing. The on-size pellets are later hardened in an indurating furnace prior to transport for further use.


What Is the Iron Ore Pellet Screening Process? 

The iron ore and a number of additives with given moisture content are mixed and then formed into small balls (pellets) in a balling drum or pelletizing disc. Pellets are later discharged on the roller screens. 
Roller screens (feeders) are used to remove pellets that do not meet the sizing criteria. Depending on how the machine is designed, it can reject either oversize pellets (normally > 16mm) or undersized pellets (normally < 8mm). 



What Is the Importance of Iron Ore Pellet Screening? 


The size distribution of iron ore pellets is one of the most crucial factors for the quality of pellets. A permeable pellet bed permits the easy flow of hot gases through the pellets, thereby reducing fuel consumption, increasing productivity, and improving quality and uniformity of hardened pellets. A better pellet size distribution can result in more efficient combustion of hot gases in furnaces, thereby improving profitability. A significant improvement in green pellet screening has positive effects on the pelletizing line and the steel mills that use the pellets.


About CVIC's Iron Ore Pellet Screening Solutions 


CVIC delivers tailored iron ore pelletizing screening solutions to customers all over the world. CVIC’s screening equipment, parts and services for pelletizing process are designed to increase capacity, reduce fuel & power consumption, and cut maintenance costs. Whether you are seeking for complete sets of iron ore pelletizing roller screens / feeders for the new plants, or upgrading an existing pelletizing line with new spare parts, CVIC has the products and resources necessary to make your project a success. 

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