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Release on June 10, 2022

Research and Development: from the idea to the product


CVIC’s Research and Development are powered by two Innovative Technology Centers: CVIC Technology Center (Tangshan City, Hebei Province, China) and CVIC International Research and Development Center  (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)


To further extend the our technological leadership, products and processes are improved and further developed in the CVIC research centres.The main goal is to develop customized technologies, which are developed in close cooperation with our customers.


Research and development is an important part of the CVIC corporate strategy and a fundamental pillar on which to create internal growth and maintain the ability to compete in the long term.The research and development sector at CVIC is closely linked to an international network of research partners. Research projects with universities working on the relevant technologies are actively pursued and supported. 


Important focuses in the development of new and innovative technologies are

  • Higher environmental protection

  • Reducing the input of energy and resources in the production of equipment and machinery

  • Extending their life cycle


Recognitions and Awards


CVIC has received numerous awards for our quality and innovation over the past 30 years.


Our subsidiary Tangshan CVIC Machinery Manufacturing Limited has been recognized as leading the high-tech companies by the Department of Science and Technology of Hebei Province, China. CVIC Technology Center (Tangshan City, Hebei Province, China) has been recognized as one of the research and development organizations by Hebei Provincial Government. 


Also, CVIC has  been awarded the Quality Management System Certificate by Zhongwu United Authentication Center for implementing and maintaining the Quality Management System which fulfills the requirements of the ISO9001:2015 standards. 


In recognition of our emphasis on health and safety, CVIC was awarded the Work Safety Standardization Certificate by State Administration of Work Safety. 

Patents and Expertise 


CVIC owns many key patents in the iron ore pelletizing and sintering industry, we have received many awards for the innovation. 

CVIC has over 30 years of experience producing ceramic roller screen rolls, which is one of our exclusive patented products. It has a number of special features, for example, high strength, substantial wear resistance, non-magnetic, non-stick, lightweight and corrosion resistant, etc. It is one of the ideal choices for roller screens. 


CVIC's exclusive design - Abrasive Resistence Ceramic Liner Plate Disk Feeder was granted patent in 2013. 


Innovative Solutions 


At CVIC, we believe the one of the most crucial ways to bring sustainability into our future is by constantly reinventing ourselves. "Innovative solutions" is our slogan. Led by our global research and development teams, we continually look for technological advances to support building new equipment and improving manufacturing processes. 


Each year, we reinvest at least 3% of our revenues into research and development activities. CVIC is committed to delivering the very best innovative solutions to our growing client base.

CVIC is committed to delivering tailored iron ore pelletizing solutions to customers all over the world. CVIC’s pelletizing equipment, parts and services for pelletizing process are designed to increase capacity, reduce fuel & power consumption, and cut maintenance costs. Whether you are seeking for complete sets of iron ore pelletizing equipment for the new plants, or upgrading an existing pelletizing line with new spare parts, CVIC has the products and resources necessary to make your project a success. 


CVIC's Strategy 


Our strategy is designed to maintain our position as world’s leading iron ore processing equipment company for the long-term, enabling us to deliver value to shareholders and all stakeholders through the cycle in a rapidly changing world, where machinery equipment demand will continue to rise but an increasingly eco-friendly and innovative economy will be required.

We are committed to becoming the world's leading equipment supplier for Iron Ore processing industry. To achieve this goal, the way we do our work every day at CVIC is just as important as the work that we deliver. Our commitment to health, safety, environment, quality and innovation is fundamental to how we do business.

Since our company was founded, we have been driven by craftsman's spirits, entrepreneurial spirits and passions for excellence. We reward grit, value innovation and see the opportunities in challenges. Never content to stand still, we are on a journey that aims to push the boundaries of possibility in our industry.

We are aimed to align all of our activity against three values: quality, integrity, sustainability. Each of these values stands on a foundation of health and safety. 

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