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COVID-19 Business Operations Announcement

CVIC's news release on December 10, 2020

As we continue to closely monitor the COVID-19 outbreak, the health and well-being of our employees, customers, and colleagues is of utmost importance to us. Our thoughts are with all those presently impacted by the coronavirus. We are doing our best to be socially responsible and ask for flexibility in finding ways to communicate. We will remain open to assist our customers during normal business hours. Please call +86 8551331, email

Our commitment to you:

TECHNICAL EXPERTISE: As always, our customer service team is only a click, call, or email away to provide the dependable technical support you know you can trust.

  • We’re processing quotations as usual.

  • We’re available for technical support and troubleshooting questions.

  • We can present innovative products and solutions remotely.

VIRTUAL FACILITY VISITS: Need help with troubleshooting? Or perhaps you were hoping to have one of our sales personnel visit your location to discuss a project or troubleshoot an issue. By using video-conferencing technologies like FaceTime and other 3rd Party Video Conference Programs our sales teams and management teams can solve hose application issues and provide technical solutions. 

BRANCH OPERATIONS: At the present time, all our company locations are still operational and open for business. Also, we have seen no dramatic disruption whatsoever in our day-to-day operations or within our supply chain. In the event that the outbreak results in office closures, we have a business continuity plan in place that will enable us to provide you with uninterrupted service. Working remotely, our employees will continue to provide customer service and technical support throughout any potential office closures or quarantines that may be established in an effort to contain the outbreak.

IN-PERSON COUNTER SERVICE: Although our office is still open and available for immediate needs, we ask you to utilize phone, email to communicate with us as much as possible for the foreseeable future. Our delivery, shipping, and manufacturing departments will continue to function as they normally would, but with added measures to avoid unnecessary risk of exposure.


Like all of you, we are watching this very closely. We will continue to provide ongoing updates as the situation evolves.

We wish everyone the best during this challenging time.

​About CVIC

Established in 1982, CVIC is a leading manufacturing and trading enterprise specializing in R&D, manufacturing, and sales of iron ore pelletizing and sintering plant equipment and industrial ceramics. Its manufacturing Centre is located in Tangshan, in the province of Hebei, China, which is the largest steel-producing city and one of the most important heavy industrial cities in the world. The international office is located in Vancouver, Canada. 


Tangshan CVIC Machinery Manufacturing Ltd 

Specializing in R&D, manufacturing, and sales of iron ore pelletizing and sintering plant equipment as well as steel manufacturing equipment. Among our innovative products, balling disc, balling feeder, roller screen and feeder, wide belt conveyor, reciprocating belt conveyor, shuffle distribution conveyor, swing head belt conveyor, are the most popular options chosen by our clients.  


Tangshan CVIC Industrial Ceramics Ltd

Focusing on R&D, manufacturing, and sales of fire bricks, physical & chemical ceramics, fused silica products, abrasion-resistant ceramics, special-shaped ceramics, which can be used in the iron ore pelletizing industry, and many other primary industries.  


CVIC Inc. (Canada)

Specializing in R&D, international marketing, and sales of iron ore processing equipment designed and manufactured by CVIC and many other world-leading technology strategic partners in North America. 

Further information, please contact:

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