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Iron Ore Pelletizing Screening Solutions 

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What is Screening? 

The iron ore and a number of additives with given moisture content are mixed then formed into small balls (pellets) in a balling drum or balling disc. Pellets are later discharged on the roller screens.  

Roller screens / feeders are designed to remove pellets that do not meet the sizing criteria, rejecting the oversize pellets (normally >16mm) and undersize pellets (normally <8mm). 


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CVIC Roller Screen Feeder

CVIC delivers tailored iron ore pelletizing screening solutions to the customers all over the world. Whether you are seeking for complete sets of iron ore pelletizing roller screens / feeders for the new plants, or upgrading an existing pelletizing line with new spare parts, CVIC has the products and resources necessary to make your project a success. 


Roller Screen for the Balling Line 
  • Roller Screen (Removal of Undersize Pellets)

  • Roller Screen (Removal of Oversize Pellets)

Available for Chain Driven or Individual Gear Motor type 


Roller Feeder (Screen) at the Feeding Station  
  • Single Deck Roller Feeder (Screen)

  • Double Deck Roller Feeder (Screen)

Available for Chain Driven or Individual Gear Motor type 

Features of CVIC Roller Screen / Feeder 
  • ​Appropriate selection of roll material 

  • Different choices of wear protection 

  • Suitable lubrication system 

  • ​Suitable roll driving mechanism 


CVIC has been delivering custom screening solutions and equipment manufacturing to companies globally for over 30 years. Our decades of experience in engineering, manufacturing, and servicing iron ore processing equipment gives us the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the best services in the industry. Our engineering team can assist with all your needs.

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Our engineering team can assist with all your needs. Learn more about CVIC's tailored iron ore pelletizing equipment


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